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Zilver Advocaten is a law firm in Amsterdam that is fully specialized in employment law. Our office consists exclusively of lawyers with extensive experience gained at large reputable firms.

We advise and litigate on all matters related to employment law. For example, individual dismissals, reorganization/restructuring, and employee participation.

If a complex matter is beyond our expertise, for example a multi-jurisdictional case, we work closely with specialized firms providing the same level of quality and passion for their work as we do.

Zilver Advocaten advises both large and small employers as well as employees. In particular, we focus on companies, works councils and senior management.

Our clients are located throughout the Netherlands and are active in the following sectors or industries: publishing, retail, manufacturing, child care, banking and insurance, hospitality, housing corporations, non-profit, sports, information technology, wholesale, and construction.

Zilver Advocaten

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With our knowledge of and experience in the field of employment law, we help employers and employees achieve the best solution in each given case. To give you an idea of our expertise, we have highlighted a number of areas of expertise:

Four experienced employment lawyers,

each with their own specialisms in employment law.

Christiaan Zillinger Molenaar
Christiaan Zillinger Molenaar
Niels Verhage
Niels Verhage
Alwin Stege
Alwin Stege
Maurits van Buren
Maurits van Buren

Employment law cases in which we advised

Is this a valid reason for dismissal? How strong is are case? Should we settle or is it better to take the matter to court?

We always achieve the best results together with our clients. On the basis of cases in which we advised, you can see exactly how our firm can be of service.

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