Zilver Advocaten is a law firm specializing in employment law. Our office consists exclusively of lawyers with extensive experience in large reputable firms: Christiaan Zillinger Molenaar, Niels Verhage and Alwin Stege.

We advise and litigate on a number of matters, including individual dismissals, reorganizations and employee participation. For a comprehensive overview of our work, please go to practice Areas. If a complex matter is beyond our expertise, for example a multi-jurisdictional case, we work closely with specialized firms providing the same level of quality and passion for their work as we do.

Zilver Advocaten advises both large and small organizations and employees. In particular, we focus on companies, Works Councils and senior management. Our clients are located throughout the Netherlands and are active in the following sectors or industries: publishing, retail, manufacturing, child care, banking and insurance, hospitality, housing corporations and non-profit.

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Christiaan Zillinger Molenaar

“Lawyer’s work is people’s business”

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Niels Verhage

“We aim for the best result as a starting point”

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Alwin Stege

“I would love to support you in achieving your goal”

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Maurits van Buren

“Your interests are my goal”

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Practice areas

Our specialisations

employment & liability

We advise on director and employer liability in connection with safety at work, burn out (exhaustion), RSI, sexual harassment and (in) equality.

employment & competition

We draft non-competiton and confidentiality clauses and advise and litigate on their enforcement.

employment & contract

We draft and review (flexible) employment contracts, management contracts, consulting contracts and expatriate contracts. Additionally, we are well-suited to evaluate work-related commercial contracts, such as agency, distribution, franchise, commissioning and partnership contracts, including litigation of such contracts should that become necessary.

employment & employee participation

We advise on:

  • Establishing and maintaining participation in organizations;
  • Advice and approval processes with Works Councils;
  • Other rights and obligations under the Works Councils Act.

employment & dismissal

We advise on:

  • Individual dismissals;
  • Collective dismissals (reorganization, closure);
  • Crisis management and dismissals of statutory directors.

employee & organisation

We advise on drafting and enforcing policies relating to: leave, workplace safety, e-mail and Internet use (including social media), privacy, compensation plans and corporate governance.

employee & reorganisation

We assist companies in restructuring, closure or relocation. We have extensive experience with the preparation of a reorganization plan, the selection of redundant employees, creating  a social plan, consultation with Works Councils and trade unions and liaising with the UWV WERKbedrijf.

employment & sickness

We advise on all legal aspects of the sick employee, including, but not limited to:termination prohibitions, sick pay, reintegration and social security.


Stay up to date.

Het deskundigenoordeel van het UWV

Het deskundigenoordeel van het UWV

Zowel werkgevers als werknemers kunnen het Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV) verzoeken een deskundigenoordeel af te geven. Bijvoorbeeld over de vraag of een werknemer arbeidsongeschikt is wegens ziekte, of de werknemer en werkgever voldoende re-integratie-inspanningen verrichten, en in hoeverre bepaalde arbeid passend is voor de zieke werknemer. In sommige gevallen kan het aanvrag

Gedeeltelijke transitievergoeding bij noodzakelijke vermindering arbeidstijd

Gedeeltelijke transitievergoeding bij noodzakelijke vermindering arbeidstijd

Bij ontslag op initiatief van de werkgever heeft een werknemer in beginsel recht op een transitievergoeding. Recentelijk heeft de Hoge Raad geoordeeld dat in bijzondere gevallen waarin de arbeidstijd wordt verminderd maar het dienstverband feitelijk in stand blijft een gedeeltelijke transitievergoeding verschuldigd kan zijn.

De AVG en het doorgeven van gegevens over uw personeel aan organisaties buiten de EU

De AVG en het doorgeven van gegevens over uw personeel aan organisaties buiten de EU

Werkgevers verwerken veel persoonsgegevens van werknemers. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan gegevens over de arbeidsovereenkomst, het salaris van de werknemer, ziekteverzuim, functioneren, etc.


What we do for you?

Course of Actions

Whether it involves a reorganization, legal process or drafting contracts: we begin by discussing a plan of action. We determine the purpose of the assignment, the means by which the desired outcome can be achieved and at the applicable fee.



For businesses, we provide in-house practice courses on employment law and relevant updates, such as the introduction of new legislation (WWZ). The subject and form of the course shall be determined in consultation with the client.


Employment scan

We can examine whether your organization (still) meets all employment laws and regulations. We provide concrete and practical solutions with a thorough risk analysis.

General information

Our lawyers are registered with the Dutch Bar Association. The Code of Conduct of the Dutch Bar Association are therefore applicable.

We provide our services based on an agreed hourly rate. Our terms and conditions apply to all of our services.

Zilver Advocaten is a partnership of lawyers registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, registration number 34328466. Our VAT number is: NL820480812.

If you have a complaint, it will be handled by our complaints officer. Click here for our internal complaints (pdf).

Zilver Advocaten and its lawyers’ professional liability insurance is in compliance with the law on the administration and financial integrity of the Dutch Bar Association. We can provide more information upon request.


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